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SanctuaryCities2Yesterday was the Sanctuary Cities panel discussion in the evening; I volunteered (or was looped into volunteering) in the set-up and tear-down. The three KYR pamphlets (English, Spanish, and Portuguese) were printed and made available at the table in the entrance.

The discussion was good, I have it recorded, but I felt too sleepy and out of it from staying up making the translations and branding the night before. Brandon and Susan mentioned that there weren’t many people of color who came, and were surprised the audience weren’t outwardly upset with the Mayor. I am not in-tune enough to the nuances of the discussion, but overall the discussion made me feel better and worse about the situation. It has made me realize how glad I am organizations like Dorcas exist, but they are largely understated. As much terror and anxiety the current presidential administration has instilled in the nation and the American society/politics at large, it has been encouraging to see people step up and local governments and grassroots organizations step-up. I was happy to see the three pamphlets available in a number of languages.


Ruth and I also were able to finish up the collaboration for the most part (though there are still some nuances such as the legend that need to be made, and the pins that need to be glued). Here are some process photos:


I have also been working on the branding for KYR. I want to have some final deliverables to give to Brandon and Susan. This could potentially be my last meeting with DIIRI this week. Unless I volunteer to work more during the next two weeks. I just can’t do Thursday’s anymore. Susan sent me another email asking for World Refugee Day button designs. I suppose they would want to get the most out of me before I graduate. It all feels like a lot. I understand nonprofit organizations would be like to use their active volunteers as much as possible. Feels like I am running dry.

Screen Shot 2017-05-17 at 6.12.26 PM

I wonder how far I could have taken the campaign if I had done my DP solely about KYR, but I am glad overall that I did the complete exploration.

Tom was very encouraging the last meeting, and I made some fine-tuning to the Hope booklet (hopefully one last time), and also the religious study works. I “only” need to finish up the video, start and finish the process book, make the presentation, finish up the collaborations… and set up the final critique presentation.

He has planted eternity in the human heart.
—Ecclesiastes 3:11

This week has been pretty intense. And I’ve been feeling sick again. After the Monday/Tuesday rush I am breaking down again. I told Pastor Sarah I am interested in baptism this coming week, and Pastor Andrew reached out today. But then hasn’t responded. Huge is offering the visual design internship again. A lot of loose ends.

God I pray You’d be with me and guide me this coming week and into final critiques next week. I cannot believe how fast things are happening. I know You have a plan, and I trust You will be with me. I pray Your will be done.



Week 12—RIP, now in 3 languages!

Ruth_progress1Ruth_progress2It’s really crunch time now. Tom sent an email to us earlier today (Sunday, Mother’s Day, May 14th currently) assigning us our time slots/rooms. I requested to go first, and fortunately, there didn’t seem to be much contention for that spot. I will be presenting at 10:00am on May 25th in Room 210. Tom also sent us an attachment with all the things we will need to have that day—the presentation, abstract, reflection document, evaluation, one minute video, etc. etc. It’s all happening so fast!

Ruth and I sat down together for some time to work on the collaboration. It took us an hour or two alone to set the grid of the postcards, but we are finally at the stage of putting the pins and the strings together and connecting the concepts/ideas. It looks really great so far (in my opinion!). But of course, things take longer than expected. We arranged to have another working session on Tuesday.

Do Yun still hasn’t replied to my messages requesting the images of process documentation… I’ve similarly procrastinated working on our collaboration. Anina and I are set to meet Wednesday?

I ordered some lighter text-weight Mohawk super fine paper from Alex at Paperworks and will pick that up tomorrow after my ISP meeting and test the Hope booklet. I’m feeling a lot better about it.

I want to make some graphic standards and branding boards for the KYR campaign—hopefully in time to present to Tom on Tuesday (that’s what I’ll work on tomorrow, Monday).

Besides that…I made some edits to the abstract (making it more concise). I will need to start working on the pecha kucha and the video.. I’ve been procrastinating it because I’d like to have more finished projects to use images from. But that shouldn’t be stopping me. I need to start that reflection document and the evaluation also. The latte will be straight-forward, but the former will require some time/thinking. I cannot believe the weekend is over already. Time is flying.

At church today, Pastor Andrew mentioned that next week they will be doing baptisms. Although Homegroup is under the impression that I am not, and I haven’t told anyone otherwise (I don’t know why I don’t), I told Pastor Sarah that I want to be baptized (or confirmed? confirmation?). I feel convicted. Everything has been so challenging and draining lately. So up in the air. And the only constant that I’ve ever had, though I haven’t always been consistent in my relationship with Him, is God. It’s exciting to think. Sunday will be the baptism, Monday will be the ISP crit, Thursday the DP review.

From this point forward, 2:11am Tuesday morning. Monday was a long, good day. The last day of NUA mentoring, which makes me sad. I am glad I got to see Lia and Aly though, and to meet Carla (who will be studying graphic design at RW University next year!) and to work with some other students on block printing. Cannot believe how fast these two years at NUA have gone.

Earlier in the day, Susan (from DIIRI) emailed me the Portuguese and Spanish translations of KYR and after NUA (and Olivia’s show), I got to work on translating the designs. In theory, (and most of the application itself) it’s easy, but there are always little hiccups. Spanish and Portuguese are much longer in word length than English. And I of course do not know how to make proper line breaks or anything. I think, visually, they look good? Or OK at least. I just emailed them to Brandon and Susan (at 2 am LOL). I also worked on the branding of the campaign itself to present to Tom tomorrow. I want to have graphic standards and final deliverables I can hand off to Brandon and Susan that would be helpful for them to continue the system and build off the identity when I am gone (soon). Tomorrow is the Sanctuary Cities discussion panel which I and the KYR pamphlets will be present for.


For DP—I am also hoping to print the Hope booklet tomorrow morning (got the paper from Paperworks this morning), and to show a new abstract. I had this idea for the video (in the shower) to use the illustrations of the houses from the Dwelling zine and to make the promotional 1 minute video more abstract and less literally what I will be showing in critique. I think it’s a good/valid idea.

I was flipping through my old work, I have so many iterations of KYR, and I found the first version. And, my goodness. It is so bad. Compared to the current version. I cringe. I cannot believe I showed the early iteration to companies in interviews…

Before on left, After on right

I am definitely feeling the final push and fatigue.

 You saw me before I was born. Every day of my life was recorded in your book. Every moment was laid out before a single day had passed.
—Psalm 139:16

God, I know you have a plan for me. And I know You will and can carry me through this week. I pray You’d be with me and keep me healthy and strong, and aligned to You. Trusting You, and knowing that You are God.

100x KYR


We printed 100 (English) versions of the KYR packet! After revision upon revision, the centered version was the one that Brandon and Susan both agreed upon, the others they denoted felt less like a cover page (which Tom had mentioned also). I believe PinPoint is currently working on translating the English copy, and Brandon and Susan are hopeful to have at least the Spanish translation finished and complete for the Sanctuary Cities panel discussion on Tuesday (which Brandon looped me into volunteering for). At least the 100 English KYR pamphlets will be there, first opportunity for user testing!

RIP to the small logo I carved out. KYR3I think it will still come in handy as I further develop the brand identity in the following weeks. I want to have some final deliverables to give to Brandon and Susan in case they want to use it for future events and workshops pertaining to the Know Your Rights campaign.

Ruth and I also met on Wednesday (after having a mini-DP section outing on the West side), and discussed the final output of our postcard project. I think we came up with a rather interesting end-form. We are going to map the postcards out and draw connections with string between different topics and ideas. RuthCollab2We are meeting on Sunday to make progress on it, but in the meantime we are gathering materials and reprinting the postcards. We figured we will have the visual mapping and also the actual postcards for people to handle and interact with. Here’s an image of me plotting the postcards, the documentation came in handy! However, the whites are not pure whites. I need to improve upon my lightroom editing skills…


I had dinner with Hazel last night and we talked about school and future plans. I have been feeling a bit overwhelmed by the amount of work that has to come to fruition in the coming weeks, and the uncertainty with post-graduation plans. My body is being worn thin and I was sick yesterday. After I presented my work in Type in Motion, I went home and slept.

I am concerned that I don’t have enough output for DP, even though I know I have been putting out work every week. I suppose it’s just a matter of presenting it well. I think I will be doing a pecha kucha style presentation the day of the crit, putting parameters on my work will help me be efficient and help streamline the process. I am working on the 1 minute video, and have rewritten my abstract from last week (Tom mentioned it was too long, which I have a tendency for doing).

The ISP presentation is two weeks from now also, everything is culminating at once! It will be helpful not having work study and type in motion, however.

I still need to bug Do Yun for those documentation photos, and follow up with Anina about meeting next week. Things are happening fast!

Don’t you realize that your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit, who lives in you and was given to you by God? You do not belong to yourself, for God bought you with a high price. So you must honor God with you body.
—1 Corinthians 6:19-20

^ a very pertinent and timely verse I received this morning. My sin and idolatry have led me to disrespect my body and not take care of myself, consequently a disservice to God and a selfish sin. I apologize. And I need to be better about taking care of myself, Jesus bore it all on the cross and I owe it to Him. Speaking with Cathy this morning was really a time of healing and mutual (I at least hope) stress-relief.

Brandon and Anton helped fold the final 100 English KYR pamphlets! As Brandon knowingly stated, it is better to not wait for perfect to output something, and things are always changing. This is only the first draft after all. It will be good to get opinions and observe feedback from the clients.

Week 10—What.

Time is moving really fast and my brain can’t keep up. This past week was a blur. We had a guest critic, one of Tom’s previous students–Conrad, who gave a lot of insightful feedback on our works. We met in pairs, but my partner was absent. I even followed up with Conrad via email and he has been very supportive and great with responding with lots of insightful criticism and feedback. Especially on the KYR pamphlet. Some of the feedback I got last week:

–KYR edits (see below)
–”design an experience for the viewer” — not just passive
–bring people in, make it interactive
–relationship of time and visuals — play with time
–design for experience
–make the reading experience of the hope pamphlet more accessible and poetic
–conditioned experiences
–design the stimuli
–what does it become? exercise that leads into something (collab with DoYun)
–temporal in visual design
–dialogue with the patterns
–shift the experience of the conditions

It was a long and constructive critique with Tom and Conrad last week, and to be honest, I was exhausted after it. I took the next day off and went to Boston. I spent some time working, sending emails, and I attended the Future History AIGA talk with Doug Scott and Scott Stowell. Scott Stowell actually came and gave the same lecture at RISD this evening (May 1st), without Doug. I feel like the lecture in Boston was more insightful, (maybe because I was seeing it for the first time), and I enjoyed the Q&A with Doug and Scott. They spoke a lot about their perspectives on design and what it means for design to be a social activity. Especially after seeing Scott present again this evening, it has made me realize how much my experience at Open last summer has shaped my perspective on design and who I am, as a designer, today.

Doug Scott (center) and Scott Stowell (right) — FutureHistory AIGA Boston lecture

After DP on Tuesday, I had a phone call with Epsilon and was offered a full-time art director position. I will be touring the office tomorrow (and missing this week’s DP meeting, fortunately Tom is supportive and willing to meet with me later in the week). I also ran to attend Andrea’s thesis presentation at Brown. Her talk was really inspiring, and if she is able to condense months of research into one, 15-minute slide-show presentation so eloquently (and well-designed!) presentation, it gives me confidence and encouragement that everything will be okay for DP.

Andrea’s thesis presentation at Brown University

After Tuesday and Boston, I rushed back to PVD to get work done for Thursday’s DIIRI meeting. I presented the latest version of the KYR pamphlet and the branding to Brandon, Jessica, and Susan. They were all very encouraging and excited! Their feedback is always a lot more congratulatory than Tom or Cyrus’ (and sometimes I need that). Though I do feel their impending sense of need/immediacy that I feel like is being prolonged in the design process. Jessica mentioned that the tone should be “affirmative” and not stress or anxiety inducing. Which is helpful.

I have been shifting the design so much recently. I sent a new email to Conrad and then met with Cyrus this morning for my ISP and got his feedback on it too. I hope to shoot an email to Tom tomorrow. It’s hard because each person will see a different iteration that isn’t the same that I presented to someone the day before. I.e. Cyrus will see version A on Monday, then Tom will see version B, and then DIIRI will see version C, etc. But I am very fortunate and grateful to have people who are so invested in the project with me. The design has shifted a ton and it looks leaps and bounds better. And is changing every day. Here’s a sense of how many versions I’ve designed thus far (and this only abbreviates how many files there actually are!):

Screen Shot 2017-05-01 at 10.21.58 PM

Besides that, I’ve been making edits to the ‘hope‘ booklet. Despite the conversation I had with Alex (at Paperworks), Conrad and Tom both fell for the Mohawk paper. My fault for showing it. It’s expensive, but as Conrad and Tom both mentioned: more of an entry point and more evocative than the speckled paper. I am hoping to finish it up on the Amtrak tomorrow.

Screen Shot 2017-05-01 at 10.20.58 PM

On Friday, I had dinner with the Career Center staff and breakfast with Grace and Deborah. Time is flying so fast! I am needing to make time with the people I care about seeing/catching up with one last time. Saturday and Sunday were blurs of work and allergies. It’s officially spring! This past weekend I invested a lot of work in my ISP with Cyrus, but not as much work into DP. Though there is some overlap.

I spent a lot Thursday and the weekend organizing for my ISP showcase, which will be happening the same week as DP presentations. It will be on Monday, May 22nd (DP will be on the 25th). I am fortunate to have Emily Rye and Jane Androski from the Design Agency come as guest critics, along with Cyrus (and Lucy said she is interested and wants to make time to see it!). I am excited but overwhelmed.

I still need to edit DoYun’s photos and figure out how to synthesize that information, I sent another postcard to Ruth but am still awaiting her reply. I was very late in sending it to her last week. We soon need to document and figure out how to present the project for the final critique. Anina: I still need to go in and document the spoons. Hopefully I can arrange a time this week.

I am slightly bothered (and relieved) that I will be missing DP this week. Tom is meeting with the entire section briefly to discuss final wrap up in the coming weeks, and Paul sent an email sending the specifics for the video we need to create for the final showcase. It’s all happening so fast! I need to figure out how to synthesize and present all the work I’ve been doing.

Susan (DIIRI) sent an email requesting some button designs for World Refugee Day, I wonder if that means they went with my postcard design? And for the copy of the KYR pamphlet which keeps changing. I told her I’d hope to have it this Thursday.

Many things culminating at once! Time flying by. I can’t believe its May. We have our final NUA artist mentor meeting this Wednesday, and the semester is quickly coming to a close. I don’t know how it’s all going to get done. God be with me. Joanna and I met earlier this evening (9pm) to discuss pursuing baptism at the end of this month. She is feeling very convicted, and I hope to have encouraged her. She has such a heart for God and it is really inspiring to share our walks and friendship together. I am less convinced, but am hopeful. I know God has a plan, and I hope to pay close attention to it and to be attuned. I am excited and hopeful for the future He has in store.

At this, Job got up and tore his robe and shaved his head. Then he fell to the ground in worship and said: “Naked I came from my mother’s womb, and naked I will depart. The Lord gave and the Lord has taken away; may the name of the Lord be praised.” In all this, Job did not sin by charging God with wrongdoing.
—Job 1:20–22

I finished Luke and John, and have decided to go back to reread the book of Job. Joanna really encouraged me saying she sees/hears the Holy Spirit speak through me whenever we meet and share about our walks to one-another. I am honored and touched to be able to share some of God’s love onto her, as she is such a beacon of light and hope in my life.

Pursuing work about my faith both for my ISP and my DP has been really challenging but exciting. The final showcase(s) will be testament as I have to publicly speak about how its influenced my work and how its integral to it and to my identity as a Christian.

1st Week of DP

Slide from my Design Brief presentation – ‘Everybody’: Tibor Kalman/Scott Stowell

Last Tuesday, February 21, was our first DP meeting. We briefly went over the syllabus and structure of the studio, and then each of us gave a ten minute design brief presentation on our project. It was interesting to see/hear everyone present their ideas and what they are interested in. We have a strong section of 10 people with a wide range of project topics. Some highlights include: information design/data visualization (Andrew), creativity and innovation (May), deafness and cochlear implants (Shinhae), and the z-axis (Alice).

I presented my project idea–which I titled flux; about the social responsibility as a designer and engagement with the community of Providence. While I was commended on my presentation, I was questioned and challenged to make a more clear connection between the title of my project and its relation to my interests. I, myself, at the time (and currently?), was unsure of what the next steps moving forward were.

Slide from my Design Brief presentation

This week, I reflected further on my project idea and made several mind-maps in relation to my topic(s), the title of my project, and my interests in accessible design, social responsibility, community engagement, and political activism (whew!). Tom gave us an introductory assignment, giving each of us a ‘mystery object’ to be used to inspire and generate ideas about our degree project.

The object–a grey rock-reminded me of the Design Studio I project sophomore year that I did with Tom as my section advisor. We each chose an object and used poetic language to illustrate the word that we titled our assigned object. At the time (5 semesters ago), I chose my prayer rock from California. I titled it ‘stone’ for the project.

This connection between the ‘stone’ of sophomore year and the ‘rock’ (if you will) of senior year, encouraged me to look back at my reflection documents and sketchbooks from when I first got into graphic design 2 years ago. I observed the fresh and wide-eyed confusion I had when I approached design–but also, the underlying themes in my work which trace back to before even coming to RISD. The desire to pursue and use art/design for social good-to make a difference (whatever that means)–and the essence of community; the themes of home and family, and exploring the sense of belonging in temporariness and impermanence–multitudes of home and identity. I also was terrible with run-on sentences back then, as I am now.

This lead me to move forward with more mind-maps and choosing to reconnect my DP and the topic of ‘home/community/belonging.’ Titled: flux: sense of home, feeling of belonging; Providence × AmericaThis has been a significant theme underpinning my work–and a topic of great interest to me as a fourth generation Japanese-American (yonsei), from Los Angeles, living in Providence, and most importantly–a child of God. Pastor Andrew’s service Sunday, and Sanctuary‘s Homegroup Connect yesterday really emphasized the idea of privileging that identity.

It is also important for me, to maintain a message of hope and encouragement in my work, to create things that are accessible, political and positive. I think this topic has greater significance with respect to Providence being a home to many different types f people–students and young professionals, Rhode Island residents and people from Providence, immigrants, refugees, international students, people of all races and ethnicities, sexual orientations and preferences, religions and creeds, etc. America truly is a melting pot culture, regardless of what the current administration or government is trying to do or say about it.

Layout of my mind map – derived by the ‘rock,’ structure folds into a house-like shape

This week, i.e. today’s meeting, we are meeting in pairs with Tom to present our first week’s progress and our ‘rock’ (not ‘stone’) interpretations. I feel as though I have a clearer direction of where I am going now–I feel more confident after talking to Grace (in ID) about it yesterday, and I was actually able to come up with a poster/posting design. Last night, God really provided with some ideas when I really needed it, but I am also looking forward to His wisdom speaking through today’s meeting.

‘In my Father’s house are many rooms. If it were not so, would I have told you that I go to prepare a place for you?’ John 14:2, ESV