Week 13—Endings + New Beginnings

NUA Art Party — last Friday

This weekend felt really surreal, and went by so quickly! Following the Sanctuary Cities panel discussion on Tuesday night, the week was such a rush. Kind of a blur with all that has happened/is happening so fast.

Thursday I met with Susan and showed her the new style guide and made some button designs. I emailed Brandon and Susan about my degree project presentation, and Brandon said he is interested in coming! Because the DP presentation is Thursday, I will be going to Dorcas tomorrow morning and next Tuesday, wrapping up and handing off the KYR project. I spent an hour or some finalizing the design templates and packaging all the files. Susan and I are going to go over them and a quick InDesign overview tomorrow or next week. Crazy to see how far the identity and design has come since the initial mock I came up with.

Friday was the NUA Art Party and Senior Send off. I missed some of the senior send offs because of a phone call with Pastor Andrew, but it was really sweet to see all the students one last time. Kleo gave me my mentor tribute, and it was really sweet. I couldn’t make it to the mentor bbq yesterday, but I came in earlier today to clean out my box and say good-byes. So bittersweet. NUA has been such an incredible experience for me these past two years. I feel like I have grown so much as an artist, aspiring educator, and person.


All day Friday I was anticipating a call from Pastor Andrew and fasting, preparing my heart for baptism. Pastor Andrew ended up calling around 4pm during the Art Party, but I was relieved to speak with him and get his insight on confirmation and my desire for baptism and renewal. I am really glad I went through with it, and I do believe my hesitations were somewhat influenced by the enemy, and I am excited to align myself to what is most true and constant in my life before I graduate. And to honor the relationship I’ve had with Sanctuary as my home church these past two years.

homegroupSaturday, Jia helped me sew the scarf for my ISP critique this morning. She was and is always so patient. After 5 hours, and the assistance from Mike, we got two scarves finished! In the evening was the final Homegroup potluck. So many people showed up! It was nice to see everyone and spend time together in community.


Sunday—was the baptism/confirmation. I was surprised to see so many familiar and warm faces after. I got baptized with Joanna, and it has been such a blessing to be on this journey together with her. Joseph, David, Christine, and JinWa came from Harvard to visit for the baptism, and we got lunch, boba and played some games at Dave and Busters. It felt so surreal—made me want to be in the Bay Area after graduation with them.

And TOdAy was my final ISP Showcase. It is all ending so fast.


DP-wise, there is still so much todo. Wrapping up the work for Dorcas alone is taking longer than I had expected. But I printed and bound all the Hope booklets, and got some good feedback on my ISP and religious work for DP through the critique today. There’s a lot todo. The video was due today, and I am glad to have it done with. But the process book still needs to be done, final files organized, the presentation needs to be rehearsed, the room set-up. There’s much todo! But it’s exciting. It’s all ending. Still don’t know what’s next or what God has in store for me. But I am confident he has a plan.

 But the wisdom that comes from heaven is first of all pure; then peace-loving, considerate, submissive, full of mercy and good fruit, impartial and sincere. Peacemakers who sow in peace reap a harvest of righteousness.
—James 3:17–18

God I trust and know You have a plan for me, I pray that I may be patient and learn to learn and trust in You. To not anticipate and look forward to the future too much, but to enjoy the slowness of the present and to live out each day as a gift and a privilege.


100x KYR


We printed 100 (English) versions of the KYR packet! After revision upon revision, the centered version was the one that Brandon and Susan both agreed upon, the others they denoted felt less like a cover page (which Tom had mentioned also). I believe PinPoint is currently working on translating the English copy, and Brandon and Susan are hopeful to have at least the Spanish translation finished and complete for the Sanctuary Cities panel discussion on Tuesday (which Brandon looped me into volunteering for). At least the 100 English KYR pamphlets will be there, first opportunity for user testing!

RIP to the small logo I carved out. KYR3I think it will still come in handy as I further develop the brand identity in the following weeks. I want to have some final deliverables to give to Brandon and Susan in case they want to use it for future events and workshops pertaining to the Know Your Rights campaign.

Ruth and I also met on Wednesday (after having a mini-DP section outing on the West side), and discussed the final output of our postcard project. I think we came up with a rather interesting end-form. We are going to map the postcards out and draw connections with string between different topics and ideas. RuthCollab2We are meeting on Sunday to make progress on it, but in the meantime we are gathering materials and reprinting the postcards. We figured we will have the visual mapping and also the actual postcards for people to handle and interact with. Here’s an image of me plotting the postcards, the documentation came in handy! However, the whites are not pure whites. I need to improve upon my lightroom editing skills…


I had dinner with Hazel last night and we talked about school and future plans. I have been feeling a bit overwhelmed by the amount of work that has to come to fruition in the coming weeks, and the uncertainty with post-graduation plans. My body is being worn thin and I was sick yesterday. After I presented my work in Type in Motion, I went home and slept.

I am concerned that I don’t have enough output for DP, even though I know I have been putting out work every week. I suppose it’s just a matter of presenting it well. I think I will be doing a pecha kucha style presentation the day of the crit, putting parameters on my work will help me be efficient and help streamline the process. I am working on the 1 minute video, and have rewritten my abstract from last week (Tom mentioned it was too long, which I have a tendency for doing).

The ISP presentation is two weeks from now also, everything is culminating at once! It will be helpful not having work study and type in motion, however.

I still need to bug Do Yun for those documentation photos, and follow up with Anina about meeting next week. Things are happening fast!

Don’t you realize that your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit, who lives in you and was given to you by God? You do not belong to yourself, for God bought you with a high price. So you must honor God with you body.
—1 Corinthians 6:19-20

^ a very pertinent and timely verse I received this morning. My sin and idolatry have led me to disrespect my body and not take care of myself, consequently a disservice to God and a selfish sin. I apologize. And I need to be better about taking care of myself, Jesus bore it all on the cross and I owe it to Him. Speaking with Cathy this morning was really a time of healing and mutual (I at least hope) stress-relief.

Brandon and Anton helped fold the final 100 English KYR pamphlets! As Brandon knowingly stated, it is better to not wait for perfect to output something, and things are always changing. This is only the first draft after all. It will be good to get opinions and observe feedback from the clients.

‘final’ critique


final critique with guest critics Lucy and John.

we joined with Ben’s section and had final critique and walk-about for the conclusion of Unit XVI. It was really cool to see what everyone was making, and to sit in on everyone’s critique and feedback. Everyone got around 8minutes to present and for feedback, which seemed adequate.

I was commended on my presentation but challenged to develop memo further in a way that emphasizes its uniqueness. The app was criticized for its mainstream design aesthetic and not pushing the boundary of what it actually functions for; Lucy also questioned the necessity for an app such as memo, and whether anyone would use it. I agree that the design aesthetic could and should have been challenged more. I would have liked to explore that if I had more time. I was proud of what I had made for the final presentation, however. And I feel as if I was able to delve into three different realms for this project: narrative storytelling (via the video promo), branding and wireframing/UI design.

I am not sure whether I want to further pursue memo for the next unit (if that is an option). I am kind of fatigued with the idea and am ready to move forward with something new that has a larger reach and more of an impact. I agree, is this app really necessary? The world will survive without it of course, and it doesn’t necessarily promote anything with respect to social good. I am excited for the introduction of the next unit on Wednesday (and am glad there is nothing due in the meantime, save documentation and reflection).