Greif* & Pie

Today was the first day of Editorial Design for Screen (due to a mishap in scheduling and timing last week). We had an introduction with Dylan and a discussion about screen based design today and what we would like to get out of the class. I like how he generated discussion and working in groups (though it was minimal the group work today). His introduction to himself and his work was really inspiring, and he articulates himself very well and cleanly. His profession is, honestly, something I largely admire and aspire to.

We had an introduction to html/css in an exercising setting some type (long form vs. short form). And he showed some interesting examples. The first assignment is to set 5 quotes for screen based experience, experimenting with html and css. Typography for web/screen is how he described it.

Despite how it may sound, I am really excited for this assignment. It feels open and interpretative, but also immersive in coding and technique. Also typography. Not have type IV (type III was the last semester of required typography at RISD), I feel like I am lacking that structure (though appreciating the freedom to take electives).

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