Week 8—hope wins

Home in the vernacular. Written 1 hour before the day of Week 8’s meeting.

A lot happened this past weekend. Easter weekend! I volunteered with set-up the night before service and to help out with the egg hunt afterwards. It was a fun, warm day. (But not much work was done on the weekend consequentially). The Easter message was about Hope—Hope Wins.

Post-Thursday—I’ve been brainstorming with Ruth and Do Yun on collaborations (social lens), working on the KYR packet for DIIRI (political lens), and have been thinking about the Hope · Faith · Love poster series. I also did a brainstorm earlier this afternoon on defining the lenses and trying to start thinking about how I will synthesize my degree project. I also met up with Kendra and Grace, who gave me some interesting feedback and encouragement for my DP this past Saturday.

On Tom’s encouragement, Ruth and I are planning on doing separate data visualizations of our postcards and then collaborating on the documentation. She is willing to continue the series post-graduation, and I am excited for that!

Do Yun and I met earlier tonight and talked about collaboration. Her DP is about mapping and she is interested in time/identity for our collaboration. After throwing ideas back and forth, we decided to each gather 25 items and bring them together to make spontaneous sequence visualizations both collaboratively and individually. First, we won’t explain the meaning behind the objects and will have to make compositions using all 50 objects (both hers and mine), then we will collaborate on a composition together, and then repeat the process after explaining why/the meaning behind each piece. I am excited for it! We are planning on using the photo room and documenting it a-la-Todd McLellan.


During my ISP meeting with Cyrus this morning, I asked him to look over my KYR packet for DIIRI. He was brutally honest, but very supportive. On his encouragement, I am going to present an alternate design strategy which separates some of the information for “KYR At Your Home” and “KYR Outside Your Home.” I also worked on carving the typography and creating a mini-identity system to help emphasize the emphatic nature of the project (upon Tom’s critique). I will present the branding boards and strategy to DIIRI this Thursday. The fist is not appropriate.

Screen Shot 2017-04-17 at 11.03.16 PM

I’ve been thinking about the religious work all week but haven’t made much lead-way on it yet. My ISP has diverged towards more religious work too. I was considering retitling or emphasizing all the lenses underneath the religious lens but I don’t know if there is enough time. I hope to wake up early enough tomorrow to finish the faith poster and reprint before critique.

Whatever happened to:
NUA UNO: probably won’t be happening. There is no class (for HS students) this week, and the semester is coming to a close rapidly at NUA. It was a good, genuine idea. But things like that take more project managing and directing than I we are often immediately willing to invest in.
The Home Survey: I am still trying to do that data visualization of it… it may just be an idea that I will develop post semester-DP. I am unsure if I will get to it during the semester.

I felt pretty depressed today, but I know situations could be worse and the enemy is discouraging me because of the uncertainty in my job search. Grace was encouraging this evening though in mentioning that many people spend months in the job search phase. I need to trust God and be more patient. I am confident He has a plan.

I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world.
—John 16:33, NIV


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