Week 7 — done!, progress, new beginnings, on-hold & unsure where to begin

at RISD Unbound!

*Written the day before Week 7 meeting for DP

This weekend was RISD Unbound—hosted by the RISD Library, GD, and Illustration departments. I tabled with Olivia, and fortunately our table was stationed in the GD Commons. It was a bit quiet at times, but overall it fun. It was nice to see people in the community, and I made pretty good money (not nearly enough to break completely even, but I managed to sell all of my NUA charity prints!). We were caddy-corner to the NUA table, and many NUA students were tabling in the ISB. Honestly, just glad last week’s long-haul of preparation is over. I don’t think I have the stamina to do the spring student sale.

Many people read and commented on the Dwelling zine, they found it compelling (not-enough-so to purchase it per-say) but the reception of my work was positive. Anina Major came by and read the zine, we chatted briefly. She mentioned her thesis is about Home and the ‘feeling of belonging’—aka my DP! Hopefully we can get coffee and talk about our ideas sometime. Besides that encounter, lots of other friendly faces from NUA, RISD, Brown, etc. James and Ben (from GD) commented that they liked my Inventory sheet design (Ben mentioned that that was the best piece on my table).

I went on a ‘vision journey’ on Friday to Roger Williams conservatory—essentially I spent a couple of hours roaming and reading the Bible. And in sustained prayer. It was really nice to align myself more to God for an intentional period of time, in an environment I am not often at.

Feeling encouraged by Anna and Mitch’s critique last week, I’ve been brainstorming ideas for more posters promoting faith. I have some sketches and ideas and worked out a composition for the first poster in a triptych about: Faith • Hope • Love.

Rough sketches for Faith • Hope • Love poster series (religious lens)

The first poster, Faith, is playing off of Matthew 17:20 and will be a large composition that is perforated with pieces that can be torn off. It’s large format (roughly 40″ x 50″?), and I hope to have a test print to show in the small group critique tomorrow. Making work about my faith has been rewarding, presenting about it, can be challenging.

Screen Shot 2017-04-10 at 10.09.48 PM
Faith poster — each module will have Matthew 17:20 (religious lens)

Earlier today I got lunch with Do Yun, and we caught up and discussed ideas for a collaboration. Her DP is about Mapping and expanding data visualization and making it more nontraditional and visually compelling. I approached her with the idea of using the survey results to map where people ‘are geographically living’ vs. where their ‘home’ is. But I told her I don’t want it to be so one-sided in favor of my ideas/topic. We are planning to have our first kick-off brainstorm Wednesday, so she can present some ideas to her section on Thursday.

Ruth sent the next postcard—I think keeping that collaboration weekly is a good pace.

NUA is closed until further notice. I felt like a fish out of water this afternoon. Really makes me realize how much of a part of my schedule and routine is centered around NUA, and how much I miss it when I’m not there. NUA Uno will have to be postponed for now.

I mocked up the first draft for the Family Preparedness Plan (as a part of the KYR campaign for DIIRI). There is so much more information to cover in this pamphlet, including additional forms to have people fill out. I am unsure of how to tackle all of it in a cohesive form. Brandon won’t be there this Thursday, so I can present my ideas and sketches to Susan and show her what I’ve been working on so far.

Screen Shot 2017-04-10 at 10.09.34 PM
First iteration of the Family Preparedness Plan pamphlet for DIIRI (political lens)

I find myself having difficulty describing my DP in a concise way—and I need to begin thinking about how to synthesize all the information and work that I have done cohesively. It is important for me that the work I make and present is accessible, comprehensive, cohesive, and concise. (Asking for a lot). But I don’t want to have to over explain myself—I want the work to speak for itself and for the connections between the there lenses and the entire scope of the DP to be evident. I hope to ask Tom for some direction with this tomorrow. On how to synthesize it all together.

For tomorrow (1pm meeting with Andrew and Tom), I will be presenting:
— Family Preparedness Plan and updated KYR pamphlets for DIIRI (political lens)
— Faith poster and idea for Faith • Hope • Love poster series (religious lens)
— Update with Ruth and start of ideas with Do Yun (social lens)
— Questions for synthesizing the project as a whole, and moving forward

Maybe the reflection document/process book/thesis book? can be the synthesis??

Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own.
—Matthew 6:34, NIV


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