Mentor meeting last night—also: Aneudy’s birthday! The mentor meetings always seem to sneak up on me. Alan agrees and can attest to this sensation. We discussed the upcoming events (there are many) including the annual event, spring break, and the end of the spring term! Mid-May. Already! Emily mentioned that if there are any projects we’d like to accomplish, we should start them now! (i.e. NUA UNO! but Kah wasn’t at the meeting last night). After the announcements, we wrote letters: either to a politician (in light of President Trump’s proposed budget cuts of the NEA), to ourselves, or to a NUA student. I chose to write both to a NUA student, and to myself. Opposite sides of the same spread. As I was writing to the fictional NUA student, I found myself giving the advice and encouragement I wish I had received while I was in high school, and currently with where I am at in my life. So I wrote a letter to myself opposite to the NUA student letter.

We reflected as a collective group, and many mentors shared the cathartic experience as both reflective and encouraging. Lastly, Dan pulled out a surprise cake for Aneudy—who turned 29 this Wednesday. He claims to be old, I still feel like he is young. I told him I’d take him out to Mokban (old Teriyaki House), as we’ve always been talking about doing.

So much happens, so quickly. I almost forgot I had volunteer at DIIRI this morning. Screen Shot 2017-04-06 at 9.29.27 PM.png

I presented the newly revised KYR pamphlet to Brandon and Susan—they had minor changes but after some tweaks, we left it to present to Cecily and Robert (?), the two lawyers who work at DIIRI and gave the KYR workshop a couple weeks back. They will hopefully have edits for next week. I am also going to get started on the Family Preparedness Plan in the meantime. Brandon won’t be there next week so I’ll check in with Susan and hopefully the lawyers will have some feedback on the KYR pamphlet.

I called Sojourner House and the Catholic Diocese of Rhode Island to inquire about the legal and immigration services they offer. Sojourner House exclusively works with victims of domestic violence, so we removed them from the list. It was challenging for me speaking with the woman from the Catholic Diocese, but she confirmed that they offer similar services to DIIRI. Brandon and Susan mentioned this briefly today, but it’s incredible how political it can get even between nonprofit organizations that are all helping the same people. Immigrant help vs. refugee help also butt heads a lot too, apparently, though DIIRI does both. I understand nonprofit organizations need the grants and funding, but can’t we all work together and get along?

Once the lawyers approve of the copy, we can have Pinpoint Translations make translations of the text in various languages and then adjust the design accordingly. Things are moving along! And it’s very exciting to see it come together. I feel like I am learning a lot.

Tonight was the SeeUS show, I could only drop in quickly before I sat for an hour in the Dwiggins talk. Then I facetimed Lauren and bantered a bit with Mom and Dad over text. I miss my family. I printed out some stuff for Unbound, and am mostly done collating the postcards at least. Final preparations tomorrow for the sale Friday. This week blew by.

By your endurance you will gain your lives.
—Luke 21:19, ESV


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