Midterm Crit—Feedback


We had our midterm DP presentation/crits today—with Anne Jordan and Mitch Goldstein as our guest critics. It was really great to see everyone’s presentations and how we’ve progressed since our first meeting. Anne and Mitch were great critics, and had lots of supportive criticism and helpful references to look into.

They commended me on making design work about religion—it’s a very touchy subject that many designers shy away from. I would like to explore it further, and try to incorporate other religions or expand the lens of spirituality. Mitch suggested I try to convey less of the dogma of religion, but rather what it provides for people or its function one-could-say. I understand what he means, and I believe it could be a fruitful endeavor to explore. It reminds me of Hayon’s DP.

They also spoke about the fine line between doing impactful design work, versus work that is self-serving and inconsiderate—not addressing the issues that need to be solved. I am trying to be careful to be aware of myself and the work I pursue, not to be condescending or using my privilege in an abusive or offensive way. It is important for me to make direct impact, and to remain humble and not prescriptive.

Tom further encouraged me to explore the visual language and subtlety in my designs—he even emphasized making the posters larger. I definitely think I can be more poetic in my design work. Tom emphasized: how do you get a person engaged with the experience? And all design is experiential. How to get people to draw-in?

Alex mentioned that the Christian perspective is evident in all of the lenses and work I am pursuing, and it is really rewarding to have that be evident (I hope it doesn’t go to my head). She also suggested researching the visual language of the communities and use the vernacular in my design.

Moving forward, I need to delve further into the lenses and work on synthesizing the work together cohesively. I want to have a presentation that can convey the richness of the topic effectively, efficiently, in language that is accessible, and understandable.

I especially enjoyed Ruth’s presentation and the work she has been making; and there are apparent overlaps with my project and that of Jane and Denise. Maybe the potential for future collaborations?

After DP today, Anne and Mitch gave presentations on their work in the GD Commons. I really enjoyed their emphasis on process in their work—they approach design projects as a team and have a similar analogue/digital approach to Nancy Skolos and Tom Wedell. They emphasized four key ideas behind their work (largely book cover designs): 1. the hand—the trace of the hand in the work; 2. analogue & digital synthesis; 3. materials; and 4. the camera.

I am grateful and thankful that this presentation went well and is now over. There is a NUA Artist Mentor meeting tomorrow evening (Wednesday), and I have the next check-in with Brandon and Susan at DIIRI Thursday morning. I hope Unbound this weekend will be successful and fruitful in generating content and ideas (I still have some preparations that need to be made and done for the sale). Looking forward to moving forward with these ideas—hopefully will get lunch or dinner with Dodo next week too to talk collaboration. OH! Discipleship class tomorrow morning. I hope I can make it this time around…

Let the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart be acceptable in your sight, O Lord, my rock and my redeemer.
—Psalm 19:14, ESV


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