Week 5 Update – First day of Spring

Week before spring break. Last week’s snow day was sort of a fluke—less snow than we had expected, but still pretty generous (in my opinion). Fortunately, class was still canceled. And I spent much of the week interviewing and preparing for the Design Portfolio Review.

Besides that, I had my first official volunteer meeting at Dorcas. Brandon gave me a tour of 220 Elmwood campus—where most of the patient interaction happens. It was really cool to see the space, Dorcas does so much. And there are so many people I met, it’s hard to keep track of names. I had to leave early this week, but there wasn’t much for me to do. Brandon gave me some reading from ACLU and other sources. This Thursday evening is the rescheduled ‘Know Your Rights’ workshop, and I am hoping to leave Type in Motion early to attend it. I imagine the presentation will be finalized this week, and Brandon will have more for me to look over with him. Meaning, I should finish the reading and research from last week. Snapped this cool inspiration picture while I was at the 220 Campus—gives me an idea to make a mood board for my DP.

DP inspiration at DIIRI

Mel was still missing this week, and I won’t be at NUA next Monday for an interview, but I hope to come in next Friday. Kah and I discussed kickstarting the NUA UNO project in April. She is working on the poster—I more or less finished the templates for today. It’s nice to have some time to draw the Reverse, Skip, etc. card templates.

I sent my third postcard to Ruth on Thursday, and am awaiting her response. Do Yun and I talked briefly about a potential collaboration—well, I more of badgered her to do one. Her DP is on mapping, and I think it’d be cool to do a project on mapping where people are from, or where they consider ‘home’ to be. I can use the data I collected from the survey! Come to think of it. We are set to discuss the collaboration further next week during Spring Break. Over Den Den fried chicken!

I went to the Discipleship class through Sanctuary on Wednesday, and am looking forward to the next class this week—with Augustine! I imagine this will be insightful for my directions posters. I am debating whether I want to show this to Pastor Andrew for his feedback or not. I suppose it couldn’t hurt. Made some progress on the directions poster series, and the accompanying pamphlet—Cyrus’ feedback to day was especially insightful.

Prepping for Unbound—extension of the survey. Hoping to prompt people to draw pictures of their ‘home’ (whatever that means to them, as opposed of their houses). In exchange of a sticker! Also, will be finalizing the artist book/houses I’ve lived in zine—Dwelling.

Stickers to be printed at MOO

Tomorrow is our last meeting before spring break—I have heard that Paul’s section will be having a midterm critique the week following. I didn’t do any postings since the ‘Home, ______Home.’ Tomorrow I will be presenting:

Dwelling artistbook/zine
–Sticker templates
–Initial survey results
–Directions posters/pamphlets
–Update on Ruth collaboration/Do Yun collaboration in the making
–Moodboard/inspiration board?
–Idea for next ‘posting’ after the break


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