Many Meetings Later – 2nd Posting

The second posting – Home, ___________ home.

This morning, I awoke thinking it was Saturday. (It’s Thursday). I got out of bed, fortunately early, and posted 42 new postings around campus. This second posting was designed, and is intended, to solicit more feedback from viewers, while also maintaining a take-away tear-off. The postings read “Home, _______ home.” prompting people to fill in the blank. At the bottom of the posting there is a quote about home and little tear offs. There are four different quotes, making for four different postings that were distributed across campus.

I tried to have more strategic locations for the postings this time around – taking into account areas that weren’t as successful from the first posting last week, and hitting areas that I didn’t get to in the first posting (i.e. 15 West). It is disheartening to see some have already been taken down (15+ hours later), and some that have disappeared or been blown away. Many have the tear-offs torn-off, but none (that I’ve seen at least) have any writing in the blanks. It may be because I didn’t attach a pen to the posting.

Besides that posting, I finalized a template and idea with Ruth for our postcard/memory/nonlinear narrative collaboration. I will be delivering the first card to the mailroom tomorrow morning. I wrote about the dried plums from Asian Star Market.

The rest of this week has been many, many meetings and talks, and emails and interview coordinations. We had our second and final homegroup connect meeting on Monday, Kah, Mel and I met during NUA to discuss NUA UNO on Monday, DP section on Tuesday, yesterday (Wednesday) I met with Brandon from Dorcas, and today (Thursday) I went to the AIGA KnowHer talk featuring Leta Sobierajski.

Leta Sobierajsk, KnowHer AIGA Rhode Island series – slide where Leta described her work experience/dislike of for her old jobs.

The homegroup connect meeting was good, it felt long. We had a good intensive reading of the word and a look at community.

In-depth studying of the word at Homegroup Connect this week.

Meeting with Brandon from Dorcas (DIIRI) went really well. He is very supportive of this experience being something we can both benefit from, and he will have me working on a Know Your Rights-based project starting next week: Thursdays 9am–12pm. The meeting lasted over an hour (not including sharing a 20minute bus ride back downtown together), and I got to meet with Susan, the director of communications and receive a tour of the building. I am excited for this project, they really appreciated the voting guide I designed and they believe something similar for the Know Your Rights campaign would be really helpful for their clients. There is a presentation on Know Your Rights on Tuesday, which I hope to attend after DP.

I feel like I have a lot to do, but also a lot in the works and a lot of material to work with. I know there will be plenty to get my hands dirty and busy with this weekend. Though my mind is already in weekend mode apparently.

The Lord says, “I will guide you along the best pathway for your life. I will advise you and watch over you.”
Psalm 32:8, ESV


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