smaller_.jpgWednesday I presented the completed in-side-out installation series I made in the graphic design studios and all my previous work to Paul in an individual critique and later received feedback from Micah (who teaches Bigger than Yourself).

Paul’s critique helped me generate some thoughts and ideas about moving forward; and he asked me whether I wanted to transform all of the work into some final form that encapsulated all that I learned or a final installation that makes one last statement about the project. I’m not sure how I feel. I am inclined to do more installations but at the same time, part of me feels exhausted and not wanting to do any more subsequent installations. I don’t know what the final statement is that I want to say about community: GD community or RISD community. Or what the form of the final installation will be.

Micah’s feedback was really insightful–he gave me the perspective from an outsider looking in. And he had a lot of great references for me to look at it. He questioned whether my intention was for the installation to serve the purpose of a photograph that only made sense in context with the other installations. I suppose I had unconsciously been doing that, since none of the installations really say anything on their own. The audience I intend this to be for and how much they can perceive or understand by looking only at one installation. He also mentioned that I can play with modularity; vinyl and the authority type has when it isn’t hand lettering and how it integrates with the building more; he also mentioned I should look into engaging more than one plane (the wall and the floor) or the relationship of the installation to the space and how scale plays a huge factor. Gosh I don’t know.

There was the first ad-hoc town hall meeting yesterday night in graphic design. I’m glad the conversation started. And that progress is being made. This is how things change; it has to start somewhere. Of course I have my own feelings. People tend to trail off of each other’s periods and not really reflect on what someone else has said before they make their next comment; which can be frustrating. (This may be due to my introverted nature).


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