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“Design has to work. Art does not.” – Donald Judd

Judd’s famous design quote was brought up in critique which made me feel all sorts of ways. Today’s critique and final presentations made me feel similarly exhausted. Seeing all the amazing work that was made is one thing, but questioning the boundary between art and design and if it needs to be defined. I don’t think Judd’s quote is all encompassing or always true. Obviously things like this are open for interpretation.

Today I presented the final collaborative installation and we had final critique in section. Our guest critic was Emily Rye from the Design Agency; my Type I teacher last fall and where I had interned over the summer last year. It was great to have her see my work now and, with her knowing my background before, she was able to give in-depth feedback. The installation was fun; or it seems like they had fun making it.

Critique was very constructive. The hard-work was recognized, the integration of Japanese and English in the zine was commended and pleasing, but there was a lot of criticism, confusion and contention over different elements of the project. I had too many concepts going on and the use of Japanese was confusing. I don’t think I did the best job explaining everything, I didn’t really know how to introduce this project to be honest. It has been a crazy ride with a ton of learning and iterative making; I definitely struggled pulling it all together into a final conclusive form or statement in the end.

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wip_webProgress over the weekend. This weekend felt really relaxing and productive. I woke up Saturday morning, dawned with the idea for the final zine. I cranked it out and assembled 25 copies (10 full color and 15 bw), using up the remaining grey and pink I had left. Incredible I bought the pack of grey vellum from paperworks thinking 500 was way too much; glad I used it all (but also extremely depressing how I spent ~$50 on printing alone with that).

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ウチとソトin / side / out

Three installations were installed on the 6th, 7th, and 8th floors. Each installation was released with a typographic zine highlighting the perspectives of a sophomore, junior and senior (respectively) in graphic design on the RISD GD community. in side out or out side in.

_inSunday 五月一日  Sophomores (6th Floor)_sideMonday 五月二日 Juniors (7th Floor)_outTuesday 五月三日 Seniors (8th Floor)

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