mannerisms マナー


I did a series of quick installations on mannerisms–starting with hello on the 6th floor of DC, thank you on the 8th floor, and please in the typeshop. Going off of Sarah’s critique on Monday to integrate the system more concretely in the design of my deliverables, I started off with hello and thank you with the intention of including them in the survey I would hand out to people in the RISD community. I did please in the type shop just going off of loop making-reflecting-thinking-making process.

_please_Making thank you on the 8th floor was fun to be in a different space for a little bit of time. More juniors are on the 8th floor and it was nice to hang out with them for a bit. Moving into the type shop was good too where I was all up in people’s faces with my installation. Got some good feedback from Kevin Cadena and Maria and Serena while I was there. Discussed some about the meeting that is happening tomorrow.

After I finished the three installations and redesigned the survey, I hit up Jacqueline and interviewed her for her insight on community. I think I’ll use her as the first voice in the next series of more formal installations around campus. And the accompanying zine. I got her approval and support and she had really great things to say about the competitive nature of the community at RISD and also the community within graphic design in comparison to illustration.

I am looking forward to the meeting tomorrow after DS, hopefully it will get some positive thoughts and discussion moving forward. As for critique tomorrow: we are doing individual desk crits. I set myself up for an appointment at 1:20pm so I will have some time to prep before that. I want to have a mock presentation of what I’ll show on Monday, and have transcribed some of Jacqueline’s interview (which I recorded), present the new installations I did, and have handed out some of the interview sheets to people around the campus at RISD. Maybe I should include a deadline?



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