belated images; recent feedback

string_1“This was you? I thought a sophomore did this..for I don’t know. A DS project.”

With my DSLR (rented) in hand, I managed to document the final phase of the string installation (which amazingly remained unharmed and tension in-tact) before taking it down this morning.

We did a reading discussion on relational design in section and then made a collaborative typeface. Which was fun. The discussion was interesting; it relates a lot to the work I am doing for this project right now, and is very pertinent because Luna Mauer (Studio Moniker, Conditional Design Workbook) is coming this Thursday to give a talk. I like the message behind the article we read, and I agree with some of the points it made. But I find it interesting and at times frustrating the jargon we use in design and academia. Relational design does it really need to be a term? Harking off of Olivia’s comment in class, and my own attempt at accessible language through my installations this week.

stringPaul and Sarah gave some really insightful feedback in individual reviews after. They encouraged me to incorporate other voices in the installations, and emphasized how up to this point the installations have been rather vague and indefinite. Which I agree.

They encouraged me to pursue making and thinking and reflecting then making, the loop process as Paul would describe it. I found that analogy helpful. Sarah gave some pointers on making sure my visual system is established and strong across the materials I design, which I had thought I had established but can definitely benefit from revisiting.

Next Monday is a soft deadline of the prototype for our final. I want to have a presentation/narrative down of how I’m going to describe my project up to this point. All the weeks prior, including the week prior to this, have been related and connected to weeks prior but also somewhat disparate. I want to devise my strategy for connecting and incorporating the larger narrative arc to how I’ll present my project for final critique.

This week, after Paul and Sarah’s suggestion, I am going to refine the survey and hand it out. And interview a few (3 maybe more?) people to get a diverse range on their definition of community and incorporate those perspectives into subsequent installations on campus. I am excited for that. This weekend will be crazy but I am looking forward to where this project will take me. Hopefully I’ll get responses from the written survey relatively soon and can put that together into a book of some sort or incorporate the responses in the final form and presentation at least.

Shout out to Arnon K. and Jane C. for being my lovely models.


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