It’s YOU!


I was spotted by Ms. Tomi Okuno while documenting in the Quad. Chatted up some with her about getting together before she graduates and catching up. Ran into Emma M and prompted her about her junior animation project–which she is doing traditionally. She informed me that the junior show will be towards the end of may but before we all leave; I look forward to it.


I ran around, literally, with my camera and documented all the installations that remained up today. Surprisingly everything, save the w in we’d. Go figure the graphic design department would remove my graphic design installation. It was because it was in front of the GD notices window.

I feel better having some, RAW images of the installations that I can edit and use for later projects. Having a iphone 4s is a luxury; and it has an incredible camera. However, having access to media resources and free DSLR cameras is a great privilege that I like to take advantage of when I can.

Today we are presenting what we have thus far. I am not really sure what the format will be like today. I have my zines made, and am making a quick slide show of what I did to present for critique. Feeling unusually tired, maybe from running around and investing too much energy in my email.


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