A word that keeps coming up. Maybe that’s why I’m so interested in pursing it for Unit XVII? Today at the second week of We Are Not Your Token: Faculty Teach-in, the word community was mentioned a lot. I received a notification from my goTandem app just an hour ago, the title was community. Coincidence? I think not.

Wednesday 四月十三日二千十六 A couple people presented their conditional design making results who were absent Monday, we showed each other the zines we made for today, and we met individually with Paul to discuss our ideas for the next steps for this Unit and our approach for the Design Brief (due Monday).

The Design Brief will be presented in a 3-5 minute slide presentation that covers our interest, questions, conditions, methodologies, goals, etc. and schedule we are laying out for ourselves with regards to Unit XVII (which ultimately is extremely open-ended).

The meeting I had with Paul was very insightful and encouraging. I think based off of our discussion, I am going to delve into what Paul described as design ethnography (a methodology). He had recommended I look into IDEO’s work in India, and recommended some other artists I can look into. Essentially, I am going to be delving into a community in Providence and design based off of observation of that community, without having a clear “problem” ahead of time. Kind of like how we are approaching our project dealing with the Mental Health of People who were formerly incarcerated for DFA.

I worry I will find myself with not enough time, similar to my struggle with The Design of Language. But I am ultimately excited for delving further into the design thinking process and engaging with community in a new and exciting way. We’ll see where this takes me.

I also picked up Designing with People by Henry Dreyfuss at the RISD Library; has been a very enjoyable and insightful read thus far.


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