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we are__3Today we got feedback on our conditional making exercise and made a plan for the rest of this unit. I feel like I say this every time, but it is always inspiring to see the work that other people have made for their projects and under their own, self-imposed restrictions.

The feedback on my installations was very encouraging and insightful, as well. I was challenged to provoke more of my own voice through this type of work, and to see how I can facilitate an interaction or engagement with users moving forward. I sincerely enjoyed this different mode of making, and the process of creating the installations (though physically taxing and time consuming) was quite enjoyable for me.

People were able to get the general gist of my word without me speaking for the first portion of the critique; and it was fascinating to observe how people navigate a project without being able to introduce or explain it.

For Wednesday, we need to make an 8-page (two sheets of paper front-back) zine that describes our project. I am excited and thankful this exercise presumably  won’t take as long as the installations themselves and will provide some rest and critical thinking around this project for Wednesday and moving forward.


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