‘final’ critique


final critique with guest critics Lucy and John.

we joined with Ben’s section and had final critique and walk-about for the conclusion of Unit XVI. It was really cool to see what everyone was making, and to sit in on everyone’s critique and feedback. Everyone got around 8minutes to present and for feedback, which seemed adequate.

I was commended on my presentation but challenged to develop memo further in a way that emphasizes its uniqueness. The app was criticized for its mainstream design aesthetic and not pushing the boundary of what it actually functions for; Lucy also questioned the necessity for an app such as memo, and whether anyone would use it. I agree that the design aesthetic could and should have been challenged more. I would have liked to explore that if I had more time. I was proud of what I had made for the final presentation, however. And I feel as if I was able to delve into three different realms for this project: narrative storytelling (via the video promo), branding and wireframing/UI design.

I am not sure whether I want to further pursue memo for the next unit (if that is an option). I am kind of fatigued with the idea and am ready to move forward with something new that has a larger reach and more of an impact. I agree, is this app really necessary? The world will survive without it of course, and it doesn’t necessarily promote anything with respect to social good. I am excited for the introduction of the next unit on Wednesday (and am glad there is nothing due in the meantime, save documentation and reflection).



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