just before final critique

final critique presentationToday is final critique day. This weekend has been a blur of editing, color testing, cutting foam-core, adjusting colors on illustrator, charging RISD bucks, printing–all in preparation for the final critique of Unit XVI. It’s been a crazy 6-week long project. That all derived from our initial experience in the RISD Museum, prompted by the question “How can all of our senses be used to design and communicate experience?”

Speaking with Paul last Wednesday (a week and a half ago), it is amazing how far we’ve come and how long and intense this process was. Of course in retrospect I realize I was and am quick to criticize the structure of DS, and admitted I was disappointed in the lack of making we did in the preceding weeks. However, without all the ideation and proposal making, researching and mind-mapping, I would never have gone from a post card book to a digital platform–app that is memo. I am, quite honestly, proud and happy with where the project has landed and am looking forward to receiving critique and final comments (and to be done with this project).

A brief summary of what work was done regarding this project over this past weekend and spring break:

  • Olivia (Stephens) and I went to Swan Point cemetery and she helped me film the shots I needed for the video. (As she would say, “I am your human tripod”).
  • I edited and compiled the video, using screen-recordings from illustrator of the wireframing I made for memo.
  • I voice recorded for the video and found sound footage of someone typing on their iphone (amazing what sounds and things you can find on the net these days).
  • I designed the basic front-end design and wireframing for the app. I changed the colors from last week which people had commented were “fire.” (and not in a good way). Revisited the branding with some help from the noun project for icons.
  • I (first color tested) then printed and assembled the branding presentation and wireframing poster (and additionally little scale models of the phone).

This morning, I set up for the final critique presentation and documented the work in the GD commons. The deed is done and I am ready for some feedback and response. Literally an hour away from the walk-about/final critique.


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