mannerisms マナー


I did a series of quick installations on mannerisms–starting with hello on the 6th floor of DC, thank you on the 8th floor, and please in the typeshop. Going off of Sarah’s critique on Monday to integrate the system more concretely in the design of my deliverables, I started off with hello and thank you with the intention of including them in the survey I would hand out to people in the RISD community. I did please in the type shop just going off of loop making-reflecting-thinking-making process.

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belated images; recent feedback

string_1“This was you? I thought a sophomore did this..for I don’t know. A DS project.”

With my DSLR (rented) in hand, I managed to document the final phase of the string installation (which amazingly remained unharmed and tension in-tact) before taking it down this morning.

We did a reading discussion on relational design in section and then made a collaborative typeface. Which was fun. The discussion was interesting; it relates a lot to the work I am doing for this project right now, and is very pertinent because Luna Mauer (Studio Moniker, Conditional Design Workbook) is coming this Thursday to give a talk. I like the message behind the article we read, and I agree with some of the points it made. But I find it interesting and at times frustrating the jargon we use in design and academia. Relational design does it really need to be a term? Harking off of Olivia’s comment in class, and my own attempt at accessible language through my installations this week.

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It’s YOU!


I was spotted by Ms. Tomi Okuno while documenting in the Quad. Chatted up some with her about getting together before she graduates and catching up. Ran into Emma M and prompted her about her junior animation project–which she is doing traditionally. She informed me that the junior show will be towards the end of may but before we all leave; I look forward to it.

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Nike Nike Nike Nike – Harrington Hall Ref.No3

This reflection is based off of our third time volunteering at Harringon Hall on Thursday April 21, 2016. Today we went to volunteer and were told that the couple from the church prefers that we don’t interfere with helping feed the men because that is their volunteer service or something like that. Let it be. We, instead, helped out with the clothing closet. Men were sent down one by one, later forming a line, and we helped them pick out whatever clothing they wanted from the clothing closet.

The clothing closet is full of clothes that were donated from people and organizations in the community and larger corporations. Nike, for example, donates a couples pairs of shoes and clothing. Supposedly their rejects. I could go on a rant for why they can’t donate nonrejected clothing, or why they can’t donate 1000x as much as they did, but I digress. The fact that they did donate something is good.

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allergies ? / getting sick ? / chalk dust.

IMG_2781.JPGFirst post in a while! It’s been a hectic week. Today I did three “installations” across campus… carrying forward this idea of community and trying to engage conversations with people/not knowing what to do. For this unit, how can we design design, I wanted to try a different means of process. I usually think and think and ideate and sketch out and then make. This time around, I’m making and making and then reflecting and making. And then thinking after. It’s been interesting, frustrating, and rewarding all at the same time. Half the time I honestly don’t know what I’m doing.

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“i’m leaving this playground” – harrington hall reflection no.2

Today was the second day Sarah and I volunteered at Harrington Hall in Cranston, Rhode Island, for our project on mental health and incarceration as a part of the RISD/Brown chapter of Design for America. Sarah had suggested that we journal about our reflections on the experience, and because I am considering doing my Unit 17 DS project on community, I figured Harrington Hall could be a compelling topic to subject my project on.

This week we had dinner with the guys and had a brief conversation with Theresa about her thoughts on mental health with regards to homelessness, and her concerns about the future of Harrington Hall.

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