location scouting

path to swan point cemetery
andrea and yvonne at the fish store on wickeden

For Monday’s class (04/21), I had committed to storyboarding the promotional film for memo. This weekend, to source some inspiration, I ventured to Swan Point Cemetery off of Hope Street (on the East Side) and badgered Yvonne and Andrea to come with me to the fish store on Wickeden (on Yvonne’s suggestion). Unfortunately, the fish store was closed.


My experience at Swan Point was really insightful. I did some sketching, and reflecting along the water. It was a beautiful day. I recalled the memory of the blind woman identifying the trumpet swan; and wrote a script to accompany the idea I have for the film at Swan Point.

I decided to make 3 (?) short (1.5min) trailer videos each promoting a different aspect of memo. The first, Swan Point cemetery, would be more sentimental and reflective in the tone. The narrator, myself, would be voicing over scenes along the water, the figure always obscured or shown from behind. Reflecting on his memory.

The second, would be more upbeat or playful, and in a different setting. I am thinking of a cafe? I want to have the style similar, but the voice and actor different. It would be nice to include a mix of languages too.

The third, potentially the Fish Store, would be a group of friends navigating to someone’s memo. That would be more about the sharing experience and discovery and navigating through wayfinding of someone else’s post.

I researched into Cowbird, and am in love with their branding and concept. I kept invisioning how that can be applied to memo. And I got excited.

I made a quick 1.5min promotional video to show to Paul using footage from the summer. I am going to draft up some more refined storyboards also… wireframing on illustrator is harder than I thought. And I don’t really have the energy to delve that far in to the branding of memo at the moment (at a brain block I believe).


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