feedback + public’ness


Today in DS4 we had silent critiques and worked on an exercise of making public our project, as is, by means of digital publishing. Paul had commented on my reflection process in class, and when prompted, I mentioned that I viewed this process more as something I had to do, as opposed to something that really affected my process. In retrospect, maybe that was a bit short-sighted of me. I think it does help promote critical thinking with respect to my design process. Though I would like to argue that I didn’t necessarily need this supplementary process to make me think that process and sketching and critical thinking as something that was outside of my process before having started this wordpress. However, this has served as an impetus and means of aggregating imagery, thoughts and sketches in a more organized fashion.

The silent critique and feedback from Paul and Sarah were very insightful. The feedback from the silent critique in class today with Ingrid, Laura and Chloe:

  • I dont understand what the app does based on the footage. Theres a lot of repetition. Some beautiful shots! Make sure that the phone is sometimes within the shot; someone taking a picture; someone using the app (you can do this on after effects). more shots of different places (make it more about location and documenting). shw screen shots of app
  • explain the logo, should it be easy to understand without an explanation?
  • water and memory connection
  • music choice? can still be happy but a little too peppy?
  • snippets of dialogue? (convey shared experiences)
  • missing the sense of revisiting the same place, lingering memories (long-term use of the app)
  • I think you need to clarify what the app does. I think tat it definitely has the feeling you want to engage with, but it’s just lacking some structure that would describe the purpose of the app. The colors you use also jovial and happy. 
  • But sometime memories are sad and that shared sadness is what contribute to building relations
  • So maybe cover different moods so that if people want to share different types of memories

Paul and Sarah had good feedback on how I can improve the video I had presented, see above, and were encouraging of the idea and narrative I had created around Swan Point Cemetery. While I feel encouraged and excited about what’s to come, I also feel a bit exhausted and run dry. I suppose it’s that time in the semester and the project (snowy day in spring right before spring break also doesn’t help).

Paul and Sarah encouraged I focus on the storytelling aspect of this project and only hint at the branding and wireframing. Ironically or not ironically, I’ve spent so much time on storytelling in my work thus far and rarely any/none on branding and wireframing. But those skills can always be improved. And this project is providing insight and challenge in different forms of storytelling, branding, wireframing and their combination and overlap in memo.

For the latter portion of class, we did an exercise in making our project, as is, public by choosing 1-3 images, 1 word title and a brief 1-liner to describe where we are at. We then posted this on hackpad for the whole section to see. What I made is above elusive. My feelings towards this project and general reflections of process have been quite elusive and fleeting (the other word I was considering). I suppose thats the nature of these projects for me; how my emotions and ideas go in and out and the project culminates in something larger than I could have imagined in the beginning and helps me grow both as an aspiring and working designer.



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