Good-bye ‘Memory’, Moving Forward w/ Memo


Wednesday (03/16) we met in smaller groups to discuss our ideas and progress thus far on Unit XVI. Winding down to the last week before spring break (the former deadline was 03/23), the final project will be presented the Monday we get back, April 4. It was really great to see the progress people have made on our projects thus far, and how everyone drew something different from their museum experience. Paul heavily encouraged making and a ‘rough draft’ for Monday, many people are going away for break.

I proposed my two ideas: ‘Memory’ the postcard book and ‘Memo’ the platform/app. A quick one-two sentence summary of the two proposals:

  • ‘Memory’: A postcard book that represents the passage of time through historic illustrations of Providence juxtaposed next to my own, hand-drawn illustrations of Providence today. The book combines text from D.H. Lawrence and his depictions of memory and space in his writing, next to the postcards which can be written on and mailed.
  • ‘Memo’: A social networking/wayfinding app that connects personal memories associated with physical spaces through the posting of a ‘memo’ which can be shared within one’s network or globally. However, in order to read the post, another user must go to the location of the posting and sync their gps to unlock the experience; encouraging exploration, discovery, documentation and memory-sharing.

Both were well received, however ‘Memo’ had an overwhelmingly superior acceptance and excitement about it. Paul had described the app as a universal, and far-reaching, personal platform versus the postcard book creating an intimate experience that, as Chloe mentioned, would not be as enjoyable for a user to interact with per-say.

After having fleshed out both ideas, I had realized I was personally more interested in trying something new in designing the platform for the app. (Also personally fatigued by the idea of another artist-book that pushes the bookform in an unconventional manner. AND I had figured out I mixed up D.H. Lawrence with H.P. Lovecraft; the latter was born in Providence not the former.)

I am excited to pursue ‘Memo’ further. My goals for Monday (03/21) are as follows:

  1. Work on finalizing the branding for Memo (or at least generate new options to present).
  2. Start designing the refined wayfinding for the app (via Illustrator).
  3. Story board and location-scout for the trailer film promoting the platform.

Honestly, not too personally upset with abandoning the ‘Memory’ postcard book idea, I am glad I had undergone the process of delving further into it and fleshing out the presentation. As a part of the process, it helped affirm my passion and interest in ‘Memo’ and served as a good design exercise and practice of process.


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