proposing something new

_notes from critNotes after our small group critiques with Paul last Wednesday.

I felt pretty stuck; I didn’t want to make an artist book with a select audience and small reach with respect to accessibility. I came up with this exciting idea for an app, I call memo. I designed some basic (and crude) wireframing and branding for the app (see below) but wasn’t satisfied with that as my only idea. Some type of stigma in RISD GD against designing anything too corporate or designing an app in general (at least that’s how I feel) is making me second guess this idea.

_finalThe idea behind memo is to design an app that connects people and their memories associated with physical spaces and environments in a social media app that encourages sharing, exploration, and discovery. Memories can be directly shared with friends, but are also released publicly. With a catch. In order to unlock and read the memory/narrative/reflection one needs to go to that location and be in that space where the memory was published. That way it encourages a kind of scavenger hunt for people to unlock different memories and mementos that people have left behind and written associated with certain feelings and spaces. And they are able to read said memory in the space where it was written and experience something similar (but also inherently different) from what the author experienced.

My other idea is about layering acetate and colors and images in a book, the inkblot test and layers of perception in an artist book. Or a postcard book that has a narrative but also allows users to write and send their own postcards (inspired by T.Bor Kalmans’ book and the postcard book always on sale at Descanso Gardens). The postcard book would combine local writings from Providence writers and photographs or illustrations I made and also have an online component, some type of quote or poem designed for screen linked via url (kind of like Editorial Design for Screen work). I like that blurring of digital and print and different experiences through mediation.

I hope tomorrow is a work day. And I hope to get some stimulating and critical feedback on my work and ideas, and some passion to drive me forward to make something I am really excited about and proud of. I am enjoying learning about branding and wireframing through the app design, and also like this idea of these artist books.. we’ll see how the feedback tomorrow goes.


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