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Wednesday’s class we broke the section in half and met in smaller groups with Paul. We discussed and showed what we had done with our partner’s content for Mary’s break the tool workshop.

Ingrid made this really sweet motion graphics video, a letter she wrote to me using the various type and sound programs and motion graphics. It really touched me, both for the gesture and content of the letter, and the accessibility and power of the medium.

After we had all shared our workshop results, we went around the table and discussed our progress and where we are at with our own projects.

I have concluded that I want to pursue my second idea: Psychology and Mapping of Physical Spaces. I felt a bit at a loss when I presented, though affirmative in the general direction of the project.

I don’t want it to be so highly specific to my own narrative that it isn’t accessible to other people. And my ultimate intention wasn’t to make a pretty artist book, but rather to reflect the idea of psychological projection. Similar to my Prisoners of the Mind installation.

Paul brought up interesting questions about Accessibility and intention with my project. Who am I limiting my project to? Who do I want to communicate with? What form will/does it take. He also recommended me to look into W.G. Sebald. How does it manifest?

I still have a lot more research and fine tuning to do. I am compelled with this idea of making an App, some type of UI/UX wireframing. Not sure where that is going yet. But the idea is an app that connects memories and messages with gps location technology and social media…

Thursday 三月十日
After NUA, I went to the Keedra Dixon talk. Her work is really compelling, and she is a very charismatic and personable speaker. She had many great “1 liners” (honestly, they were great tho), and I found the classes she taught at MICA and workshop she leads very compelling. Especially her focus on process and figuring out systems of working with both client work and self-authorship. This was the first guest lecturer/visiting designer/full-time faculty candidate discussion that I went to and it was very inspiring.


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