B//R/ea[che]/k the Tool


jpg > txt > jpg >  png > gif
Ingrid’s original video –> Screen shots -> TextEdit -> Screen shot -> Photoshop

For Mary’s workshop, Hack the Digital Tool, I was working with Ingrid’s topic on movement and sensory depravation in the Museum. I liked her different concepts of gesture, movement, sequence and limitation, restrictions, depravation. I decided to play with glitching images and retranslating them into mini movies or gifs.

Screen Shot 2016-03-08 at 9.47.32 PM
Screen Shot 2016-03-08 at 8.03.41 PM copy copy


First I screen shotted images from Ingrid’s video and then using textedit, manipulated the text of the image and resaved it as a jpg. This process glitched many of the images and also corrupted a good chunk of them (inherently causing restriction). Those images I then opened in photoshop and scripted to save as a jpg, this was only successful for five of the glitched images. Which I then saved into a gif. That gif was completely colorless; the glitched image had been colorful, but photoshop scripted the images into predominantly black and small croppings of Ingrid’s face. Using the photoshop “save for web” tool, I made a gif and altered the colors to be bright and vibrant.

For the other gifs, I screenshotted the glitched jpgs and ran them through the “save for web”/gif function in photoshop, altering the timing and colors, and the different filters. I was interested in exploring mood created through sequence and color, and how the different glitch results created different modes under those filters.

The resulting gifs play with the idea of censorship, filtering and movement that is abbreviated and restricted. Through limited use of color and frames (both purposefully restricted and restricted by the medium itself), the gifs play with darkness and enclosed spaces created through the flattening of the images through limitation of color, but also incorporate movement, gesture and sequencing.

The final gif (bottom right) used 1 screen shot from each of the other 5 gifs and limited color to convey the complete exploration.

Select glitch images in their raw color:


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