Proposals + Wkshp1

Today we briefly ran through everyone’s proposals in the first hour. There wasn’t much time for feedback, but it was really great to see what everyone is working on and where the project is taking them.

For the latter portion/majority of studio Mary introduced the first workshop on utilizing and breaking digital tools. Prompted to work with a partner in our section, we are asked to use one (or preferably more than one) of the tools on the Googledoc and manipulate and use our partner’s content to create something new that we will then present to our partner on Wednesday.

I am working with Ingrid, who I adore. It is nice to get out of our own projects for a brief exercise in form and content making, and the opportunity to use collaboration to stimulate progress and ideation for our own proposals is a really unique and cool idea.

Ingrid proposed two projects: 1) 1 by 1, dealing with sensory depravation and entering a space or putting on a physical suite, that would limit the sensory experience (for a willing participant); by 2) Choreography of the Museum, observing the physical behavior, sounds, gestures and body language of patrons of the RISD Museum as they are viewing art in the museum. I find both of these projects really interesting.

Ingrid and I shared a googledrive folder with all of our content and then had time to discuss with each other, in more depth, about our proposals and interests in this project (unit XVI). It’s nice to have an intimate conversation with someone and I really admire the work Ingrid does, and she is such a kind person and talented designer. I am looking forward to this collaboration. I want to make something that will help stimulate new ideas and a new perspective that will help her project, or at least shed some light on something she may have not considered before.

Paul was listening in and providing some feedback while we were discussing, and he affirmed that my proposals are all compelling (though the third one is probably the least developed, which I agree). I am most drawn to the 2nd proposal, the psychological space and nontraditional narrative, but I am hoping to stay open to see where this exercise will bring us and the course of events these next few days.


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