Mind Vomit


Yesterday in Design Studio IV, we split up into groups and shared the progress and projects we had made in pursuit of the Unit XVI prompt regarding the RISD Museum. Paul highly encouraged us to create a large visual brainstorm/mind map of our ideas. Which ended up being a lot of dictation and me pressing too hard on the tip of a sharpie on a large sheet of kraft paper. But we stimulated some good discussions and ideas off of that.

I found the exercise really helpful. Nice to be able to discuss and bounce our ideas off of each other; working with Chae and The Sad Asian Girls Club (Olivia/Esther) was really good. Don’t have much conclusive ideas yet, but definitely got me thinking (and left me feeling like my brain was fried).

Today, as in Thursday, I went back to the museum. I went to the RISD Works store and picked up the Select Works catalogue, the latest issue of Manual, and other ephemeral publications made by the RISD Museum (including their newspaper-esque publication, a map and some postcards). I had a nice discussion with Vivianne (Vivian?) who works at the RISD Works store, who I have known for quite some time now but never formally introduced myself to. I shared my sketches and the project with her and she bounced off some great points and discussion with me. She is really sweet and was very interested in my sketches and observations. I gave her one of my altered maps I had made.

She too is interested in looking through the windows of the museum, and found the perception-mediation observations I made really intriguing. She gave me some good points of reference to check out out-and-about the museum, and also mentioned to me that some of the paintings in the museum are covered in glass! Something I had failed to notice before, or care to look that closely at.

I inquired one of the guards in the gallery about the framing and placement of glass on the paintings and received a not-surprising answer, the frame often comes with the painting and the glass is used for protection for pieces that are taken on loan, etc. I did enjoy engaging with him and I think he found it amusing to be able to share what he knows and engage in a serious conversation with a guest. (Or am I projecting?).

I had nice conversation with Susan again, and discussed my ideas with her. She is really interested in the project and gave some great insights (and recommendations of galleries to check out in New York!).

Still thinking of how to integrate the Greek appeals into the perception aspect of my project, and ideating ways of including a relational aspect to part of the project. I am also entertaining the 5 (?) Q’s: who, what, when, where, hoW. More to come.


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