5 Experiences : 14 Presentations

Today we were asked to present our “5 Experiences” in a screen-based presentation before our section in DSIV. It was really interesting to see what everyone was stimulated by in the museum; and to receive feedback and inquiry that helped further our own endeavors. Towards the end of the day, however, after sitting through X many presentations (many of which overlapped towards the end), we all felt rather drained and glad to be excused early.

My peers, Sarah and Paul had some really insightful feedback for my project. The in-depth sketching and observation paid off, and the time and meditation spent in the museum space was rewarding for both the conclusions I was able to devise and how I felt comfortable articulating my ideas and presentation to the class.

Sarah brought up a great point of how all of my inquiries overlapped in this idea of authority. The RISD Museum as an authoritative power, and how to push those boundaries. Paul phrased it as, “How malleable are institutional boundaries?” And noted that that in itself could be a thesis topic.

Each of my experiences seem rich enough to pursue further; Ingrid prompted the “Who Is the Museum” and the “Identify the Unknown,” but I personally am not sure which I want to commit to yet. I like the idea of the pushing the boundaries of authority in the museum, though personally  I was unaware that that was what I was really pursuing while I was there. I tend to think of the museum in a positive light, as a space I genuinely enjoy being in regardless of in the context of an assignment or not.

I like the “Observation through Mediation” also. Quite frankly, I just want to sit in the museum and sketch. (Though I know that is no project in itself and is a rather slow means of furthering research into a project idea).

At the end of class we were prompted with the following:

  1. Research examples of precedence that will inform or inspire your project.
  2. Make a thing.
  3. (Optional) Diagram your ideas.

Some of the presentations I really enjoyed were: Olivia’s satirical sound Woody Allen inspired video; Ingrid’s presentation of the sixth sense and stimulation of senses through deprivation; Shinhae’s powerful testimony of being deaf/hearing-impaired; and Chloe’s beautifully concise and abstract diagrams of her ideas. (I could note some of that stylistic moves in my own illustrations).

Also, I finished my sketchbook Suzie gave me today. Bittersweet and exciting to start anew.


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