feedback + public’ness


Today in DS4 we had silent critiques and worked on an exercise of making public our project, as is, by means of digital publishing. Paul had commented on my reflection process in class, and when prompted, I mentioned that I viewed this process more as something I had to do, as opposed to something that really affected my process. In retrospect, maybe that was a bit short-sighted of me. I think it does help promote critical thinking with respect to my design process. Though I would like to argue that I didn’t necessarily need this supplementary process to make me think that process and sketching and critical thinking as something that was outside of my process before having started this wordpress. However, this has served as an impetus and means of aggregating imagery, thoughts and sketches in a more organized fashion.

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location scouting

path to swan point cemetery
andrea and yvonne at the fish store on wickeden

For Monday’s class (04/21), I had committed to storyboarding the promotional film for memo. This weekend, to source some inspiration, I ventured to Swan Point Cemetery off of Hope Street (on the East Side) and badgered Yvonne and Andrea to come with me to the fish store on Wickeden (on Yvonne’s suggestion). Unfortunately, the fish store was closed.


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Good-bye ‘Memory’, Moving Forward w/ Memo


Wednesday (03/16) we met in smaller groups to discuss our ideas and progress thus far on Unit XVI. Winding down to the last week before spring break (the former deadline was 03/23), the final project will be presented the Monday we get back, April 4. It was really great to see the progress people have made on our projects thus far, and how everyone drew something different from their museum experience. Paul heavily encouraged making and a ‘rough draft’ for Monday, many people are going away for break.

I proposed my two ideas: ‘Memory’ the postcard book and ‘Memo’ the platform/app. A quick one-two sentence summary of the two proposals:

  • ‘Memory’: A postcard book that represents the passage of time through historic illustrations of Providence juxtaposed next to my own, hand-drawn illustrations of Providence today. The book combines text from D.H. Lawrence and his depictions of memory and space in his writing, next to the postcards which can be written on and mailed.
  • ‘Memo’: A social networking/wayfinding app that connects personal memories associated with physical spaces through the posting of a ‘memo’ which can be shared within one’s network or globally. However, in order to read the post, another user must go to the location of the posting and sync their gps to unlock the experience; encouraging exploration, discovery, documentation and memory-sharing.

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proposing something new

_notes from critNotes after our small group critiques with Paul last Wednesday.

I felt pretty stuck; I didn’t want to make an artist book with a select audience and small reach with respect to accessibility. I came up with this exciting idea for an app, I call memo. I designed some basic (and crude) wireframing and branding for the app (see below) but wasn’t satisfied with that as my only idea. Some type of stigma in RISD GD against designing anything too corporate or designing an app in general (at least that’s how I feel) is making me second guess this idea.

_finalThe idea behind memo is to design an app that connects people and their memories associated with physical spaces and environments in a social media app that encourages sharing, exploration, and discovery. Memories can be directly shared with friends, but are also released publicly. With a catch. In order to unlock and read the memory/narrative/reflection one needs to go to that location and be in that space where the memory was published. That way it encourages a kind of scavenger hunt for people to unlock different memories and mementos that people have left behind and written associated with certain feelings and spaces. And they are able to read said memory in the space where it was written and experience something similar (but also inherently different) from what the author experienced.

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Screen Shot 2016-03-10 at 8.42.22 PM

Wednesday’s class we broke the section in half and met in smaller groups with Paul. We discussed and showed what we had done with our partner’s content for Mary’s break the tool workshop.

Ingrid made this really sweet motion graphics video, a letter she wrote to me using the various type and sound programs and motion graphics. It really touched me, both for the gesture and content of the letter, and the accessibility and power of the medium.

After we had all shared our workshop results, we went around the table and discussed our progress and where we are at with our own projects.

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B//R/ea[che]/k the Tool


jpg > txt > jpg >  png > gif
Ingrid’s original video –> Screen shots -> TextEdit -> Screen shot -> Photoshop

For Mary’s workshop, Hack the Digital Tool, I was working with Ingrid’s topic on movement and sensory depravation in the Museum. I liked her different concepts of gesture, movement, sequence and limitation, restrictions, depravation. I decided to play with glitching images and retranslating them into mini movies or gifs.

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