Questioning Questioning

02/22/2016: DS 14
Unit 15: What are my design values?Jpg_

The first day of Design Studio 4 we were introduced to the new structure of this semester’s design studio. The first day, we had an intensive one day unit focused on questioning. Questioning what our own interests are in graphic design; and what questions we have at this point in our career as designers. What themes are we interested in exploring in our work.

The group discussion brought up a lot of questions I wouldn’t have thought up of one my own. And it’s interesting to hear what other questions come up to mind for my peers. Topics included: moral design (design ethics), language and designpersonal identity and design responsibility, and data security.

Personally, I was interested in moral design: design with a social, moral conscious. And how design can be used to promote social good, design for people (*see Open’s Design for People). The question I came up with and chose to pursue was:

How can design serve as an impetus for creating community and sustaining direct human interaction?

In use.

Prompted to give form to our question displayed in the GD commons and given a one-hour time span, we all got to work to visualize our ideas about our questions. I chose to make a tape installation on one of the benches in the GD commons. The tape outlines seat and feet markings for two individuals. When two participants assume the positions, they are put in a physical situation that encourages direction conversation and interaction.

I chose the bench versus two chairs because the bench is a single piece of furniture that two people can share together. Two chairs facing each-other creates a confrontational dynamic that I didn’t want.

My peers created many visually, and some auditory, pieces that expressed their questions in different forms. While most people relied on articulating their ideas through typography, the pieces that refrained from any use of text the most compelling with respect to form and arousing speculation and interest to decode the concept.

Paul provided some interesting feedback describing that direct discourse through language is in itself a form of mediation. And spoken/heard language can be considered as a mediation for touch or sight, which are even more universal and transcend (literal) language barriers.

The intention of my piece was to get people to interact with it in the environment and make them question their positioning and put them in a situation that encourages discussion and conversation in real time, in person.

This first day was interesting and a fun exercise. I am excited for the rest of the semester and delving further into projects that will further develop our voices and visions as independent designers.

// Final project documented on my website:


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